How To Live The Easter Triduum

From one who should know. The topic of this morning's Audience. Good tips about each moment of the next few days, but I'll just cite this general remark and leave the rest to you:

St. John concludes narrating the prophecy of the betrayal with a short, meaningful phrase: "It was night" (John 13:30). When the traitor exits the Upper Room, darkness penetrates his heart -- it is an internal night -- discouragement grows in the spirits of the other disciples -- they too go toward the night -- while the shadows of abandonment and hate grow darker around the Son of Man, who prepares himself for the consummation of his sacrifice on the cross.

In the coming days, we will commemorate the supreme battle between Light and Darkness, between Life and Death. We also have to place ourselves within this context -- aware of our own "night," of our sins and responsibilities -- if we want to spiritually benefit again from the paschal mystery, if we want to bring light to our hearts, by way of this mystery, which is the center point of our faith.