I'm Very Sensitive In The Math Department

I was helping out at an RCIA retreat over the weekend, but ninme held down the fort. You should pop over there and scroll down for the past few days --she's got all the British hostage crisis coverage (like, why did the Poms just stand around like doofuses and let their guys be taken?) I haven't been around to follow. And then there's this from her place as well. From the Telegraph:
In particular settings, teachers of history are unwilling to challenge highly contentious or charged versions of history in which pupils are steeped at home, in their community or in a place of worship.
So they simply skip the Holocaust & the Crusades for example.
Gracious, I hardly know what to rant about first. Maybe I'll just list the rants this one story inspires. A kind of rant of rants or rant squared if you will.
  • I could lament dhimmitude (for whom, precisely, would those two phenomena be an issue?)
  • I could say I hated every history/current events/social studies class I ever took from about 3rd grade on because my parents were deeply anti-Communist and American text books are written by the likes of Gunnar Myrdal and I.F. Stone. I think most of my history teachers grew tired of me because I couldn't bring myself to just take it when the Leftist take on things was simply asserted as fact. (Yes, already in my time we kids were getting the "it would be better for the world if America had never existed and the Iriquois still ruled" meme.)
  • Which would lead to another rant about how adults today worry too much about kids' "sensitivities." Civility is necessary, but what's the point in pretending a minority view is not the minority view? You should want your kids to hone their debating skills and think critically about what they're told, no? How does it help you to get turned out into the "real world" thinking everyone else thinks as you do?
  • Plus, I was quite "sensitive" to Calculus and Chemistry and would have preferred those topics never be raised. Avogadro's number? Hurts my feelings, man.

Actually, though, I think ninme's correspondent Brett McS hits on the real point:

the study of history shows clearly how the theories of the left have failed again and again - how utterly toxic are the left's ideas to human society. One can even discover that the National Socialists were quite correctly so designated, and that the International Socialists killed even more through famine than the Nazis managed using gas ovens.
I can't help thinking that this is the real reason for degrading the study of history, and that pupil's "sensitivity" is just a handy excuse.