So They Do Understand What They're Doing

By now you've probably seen that there is one rogue leader Speaker Pelosi won't meet with. James Taranto points to an even better (related) story. Defending Pelosi's trip to Syria, Sen. Kerry writes:
The coordinated attack on her trip to Syria was as inappropriate as it was irresponsible. When that happens to one of our leaders, we should all damn well stand up and be counted in our support, or else we hand partisan operatives on the other side a dangerous victory.
Which is precisely the patriot's complaint against her, of course. That she was handing operatives on the other side a dangerous victory. But as Taranto points out, for the Dems, "the other side" isn't the nation's enemies, it's the other political party:
The telling phrase here is "the other side." Which side is Kerry on? The Democrats' against the Republicans', it would seem, not America's against its enemies.
It used to be said that politics ends at the water's edge--that is, that both parties stood in solidarity against foreign foes. Many of today's Democrats have precisely inverted the meaning of that adage. They stand against Republicans, even if that means standing in solidarity with America's enemies.