A Toast To Our Allies

It's ANZAC day. Drink Australian. And check out the program for this morning's traditional Dawn Service. Is it even conceivable that such lyrics to such hymns could be sung in a public commemoration here anymore?

Proudly you gathered, rank on rank, to war
As who had heard God's message from afar;
All you had hoped for, all you had, you gave,
To save mankind --yourselves you scorned to save.

Splendid you passed, the great surrender made;
Into the light that nevermore shall fade;
Deep your contenment in that blessed abode,
Who wait the last clear trumpet call of God.

Update: Reader Brett McS sent a link to a poem for the occasion written by a 12-yr-old. It made the front page of the Daily Telegraph, which tells you something about the relative health of their country.