With Apologies To Gilbert & Sullivan, Amended

From The Ryskind Sketchbook comes an ode to Harry Reid:

I am the very model of the modern liberal senator,
Betraying U.S. Soldiers for Islamofascists sinister;
I’ll sell out for George Soros, scorning those who fight and die for me,
And when I get in trouble, Chucky Schumer’s there to lie for me.
My chips are on Al Qaida, no, I do not care to hedge my bet,
While others mourn when soldiers die, I calculate the seats I’ll get.
Though this treasonous behavior thwarts description save in metaphor--
Like damning of the SCOTUS** for upholding laws you voted for.
I used to play the moderate, but let me say those days are through.
I’ll cut the troops off at the knees because Pelosi tells me to.
That’s why in matters treasonous, unprincipled and sinister,
I am the very model of a modern liberal senator.

Update: Heh. They sure do talk funny in Nevada.