Born To Be Wild

From a story on the return of jihadist David Hicks to his native Australia:
Eight years after he left his Adelaide home for the adventure of a lifetime in Pakistan...
Terrorism: just another extreme sport to our folks in the MSM. Curtsy: Jules Crittenden. The next sentence is just as good.
Hicks, convicted of providing material support to a terrorist organisation, has spent more than five years at Guantanamo, one of the world's most oppressive prisons.
Where, as Tim Blair has documented, Hicks suffered by gaining 30 lbs. I see Blair has noticed the same item, and adds a detail:
Hicks wishes to pursue a career in ecology and the environment. But of course.
If you're Green on the outside but Red on the inside you're a watermelon. What are you if you're Green on the outside and an anti-Semite jihadist on the inside? Green is also the color of Islam is it not?