When evil lurks in the hearts of men, EuroParliament Man is on the case. Latest: Poland passed a law forbidding teachers in its schools to "promote homosexuality." Europeans may not be bothered to breed, defend themselves from terrorists or work for a living, but, by golly, respect for the natural law lights a fire under them. They're sending a fact-finding mission to Poland!
But MEPs repeated an appeal to EU anti-racism experts to look into "the emerging climate of racist, xenophobic and homophobic intolerance in Poland."
And they've declared May 17 "International Day Against Homophobia." The vote was 325-124, with 150 courageous abstentions! Zenit's coverage gives more details on the resolution, which:

condemns the "discriminatory comments formulated by politicians and religious leaders about homosexuals, as fermenting hatred and violence -- even if they were later withdrawn -- and it asks that the hierarchies of the respective organizations condemn them as well."


The approved resolution invites member states to propose laws "that overcome discriminations suffered by same sex couples" and "reminds all member states that the prohibition of the Gay Pride Parade and the lack of protection offered to its participants are against the principles of the European Convention of human rights."

Church officials condemned this move, natch. Have to laugh at what I presume is merely an unfortunate translation of Cardinal Scola's defense:
There needs to be more respect for the orientation of our people.
Finally, I'm part of a persecuted alternative lifestyle! (It's even chic.) Meanwhile, in Italy, in a page torn from brownshirt intimidation tactics in the 30s, an Archbishop received a death threat for defending marriage between one man and one woman. Cardinal Ruini responded by promising more of the same:
"Faced with these attempts at intimidation, we want everyone to know that we will speak, if necessary, in a stronger and clearer way," said the cardinal.
Hey, Europe! We exist, we're Christianist, get used to it!