Gaux, Sarcaux

From Mssr. Sarkozy's first address to the French nation:
I want to launch a call to all those in the world who believe in the values of tolerance, of liberty, of democacy and of humanism, to all those who are persecuted by the tyrannies and by the dictators, to all the children and to all the martyrized women in the world to say to them that the pride, the duty of France will at their sides, that they can count on her.
Then an ad lib:
France will be at the sides of the Libyan nurses [well, Bulgarian, but they're in Libya]locked up for eight years; France will not abandon Ingrid Betancourt; France will not abandon the women who are condemned to the burqa; France will not abandon the women who do not have liberty. France will be by the side of the oppressed of the world. This is the message of France; this is the identity of France; this is the history of France.
Pride? Duty? Mon dieux!