Ham Sandwich Still Not Indicted

Justice Dept. Search For Rove E-mails Yields Little. Or, more accurately, nothing at all:
The Justice Department told Congress yesterday that a search of e-mails sent over 2 1/2 years turned up a single message in which the department's senior officials communicated with White House adviser Karl Rove about the dismissals of nine U.S. attorneys last year. . . .It already had been released publicly.
The possibility that Rove had a role in the removal of the U.S. attorneys has become a central issue in Congress's investigation.
Keep lookin', fellas. Meanwhile (points) --look over there! Distracted, you won't notice this: Sandy Berger has relinquished his law license in order to avoid cross-examination regarding his international pants of mystery. Pay no attention to this, however. Rove is the bad guy. Rove. Rove. Rove.