I Thought It Was When They Named Me Person Of The Year, But...

"Water Sports" From The Ryskind Sketchbook
Which reminds me of a graf from The Anchoress I wanted to highlight.
Bush is a “failed” president who has pushed through most of the legislation he wants, managing a robust economy in the face of an incoming recession, an attack on our soil, natural disasters and war…and somehow the “Bush hating peoples” of Canada, Germany and now France, have - over the past few years - voted in leadership that sees things Bush’s way…they must all be blind and “wrong about everything,” too. Because heaven knows, the left and the press are never anything but correct. Bush did tell us, though, that this war would be a “long, hard slog.” Can’t help it if some have forgotten that.
Fred Thompson weighs in along the same lines: don't be mistaking media elites for peoples, he argues, in Break Out The French Wine. And doesn't it just figure that "moderate" Republicans, at just the moment when the war seems to be turning in our favor --and the world as well-- decide now's the time to abandon the Prez?