It's Official

Zoellick to the Bank. The Prez. used half his nominating remarks to praise Wolfie, which is some consolation. To me, if not to Wolfie.

Paul is a man of character and integrity.

Under his leadership, the World Bank increased its support for the world's poorest countries to a record $9.5 billion in 2006. Half of this money goes to sub-Saharan Africa. It's hope to some of the poorest folks.

As Paul has helped steer more resources to these countries, he has instituted reforms designed to make sure that these resources are used wisely and achieve good results.

Paul took control over the World Bank at a critical moment. He's taken many steps to ensure that the Bank can meet the needs of developing nations in this new century. These steps include strengthening the Bank's role in combating malaria.

The steps include establishing a rapid response in fragile states policy, to respond more quickly to nations recovering from crisis or war.

These steps include the Clean Energy Investment Framework, a Bank initiative designed to help bring cleaner and more efficient technologies to developing countries.

In these and many other ways, Paul Wolfowitz has made the World Bank a more effective partner for development. I thank him for his dedication to the poor and his devotion to the good work of the World Bank.

Dunno a thing about Zoellick beyond his resume, but Lawrence Kudlow is happy. He also reads the Prez.' remarks the way I read them.
Bush sticking it in the collective eye of the World Bank is one of the many reasons to love Dubya.