No Fool Like A Catholic Politician Fool, II

In response to those 18 Catholic Dems who wrote the Pope demanding he change canon law for them, the US Conference of Catholic Bishops responds. It makes the necessary points: that the Pope didn't say what they said he said; that they're undermining free speech and free exercise, etc. The last graf:
The bishops urge all Catholics, especially those who hold positions of public responsibility, to educate themselves about the teaching of the Church, and to seek pastoral advice so that they can make informed decisions with consistency and integrity.
Burn! A commenter here called this Dems complaining that something the Roman pontiff told the Brazilian press about Mexican politicians contravenes the U.S. Constitution, so they certainly deserve to be told of their ignorance.

Incidentally, those 18 Dems aren't the only "Catholic" politicians demanding apologies from the Pope. Chavez wants one too. Here's the text in question. Compare & contrast.