Only Her Upper Lip Is Stiff

While the American papers were sniffing about Bush accidentally starting to say "17" instead of "1976," Her Majesty apparently got a kick out of it.

The queen elicited laughter when she opened her toast saying, "I wondered whether I should start this toast by saying, 'Mr. President, when I was here in 1776,' " in reference to a slip from Mr. Bush a day earlier.

Mr. Bush replied in his toast: "Your majesty, I can't top that one," drawing more laughter.

Uh-oh. WaTi's site is also being hit by the dread censor of women's undergarments. Find the mystery word:
The queen continued: "Over our six days in the United States, we have much enjoyed the chance to dwell on the history of the relationship between our two countries as well as celeting its present strength and vitality. I would like to thank everyone for the warmth and kindness extended to us."
That would be cele-b-r-a-ting, but google or blogger or someone gets the vapors. Someone do me a favor, please. Click the link and see if it reads "celeting" on your screen, too. Thanks.