Putsch #2 Underway

WSJ is hopeful about Zoellick,
we know him as a man who neither minces his words nor takes easily to editing. If that's an indication of the management style he'll bring to the World Bank, then President Bush has nominated a fine successor to outgoing bank president Paul Wolfowitz.
but says he needs to move fast:
a follow-up to the putsch against Mr. Wolfowitz is being engineered by Managing Director Graeme Wheeler and Staff Association Chair Alison Cave against Suzanne Rich Folsom, who runs the bank's Department of Institutional Integrity, or INT. Ms. Folsom, an ethics lawyer brought in by former president Jim Wolfensohn and promoted to her current job by Mr. Wolfowitz, has been aggressively pursuing corruption investigations, much to the alarm of some at the bank.
I hope Ms. Fulsom doesn't have a girlfriend.