Very Weird, Even For NorKo

Marjorie Campbell just returned from North Korea, and writes about it here and here. The latter post is unbelievable.
the government permitted us to enter the Kamsusan Memorial Palace, a building which, before the death of Kim Il Sung, served as his working, living palace. Now, it's a palace of death. I know no other way to describe what we saw.
Dressed to respect, with admonitions to keep our voices low, our body language formal, we entered this building of grandeur, underground, through high security, across a moat, via moving walkways, to see the Great Leader who "lives among us." This man, who died of heart failure in 1994, remains amongst 23 million North Koreans as their "Eternal President". Indeed, his son, the current ruler, Kim Jong Il, holds title as General Secretary of the Workers' Party of Korea, ceding permanent, primary position to his deceased father.