The Veto

Bush's remarks on why he vetoed the Surrender bill. He used a special pen, too --one provided by the father of a fallen soldier for the purpose. Maybe it's just the lighting, but the President's head is dramatically whiter than just a few months ago, seems to me. Especially noticeable in the video (available at the link).

I don't know if anyone listens to Bush anymore, but here are CNN reporters saying a pull-out would be very, very bad. Think Michael Ware is a right-wing shill? Here he agrees with another reporter that it would be a disaster:
WARE: Well, even more than that, I mean, if you just want to look at it in terms of purely American national interest, if U.S. troops leave now, you're giving Iraq to Iran, a member of President Bush's axis of evil, and al Qaeda. That's who will own it.
And so, coming back now, I'm struck by the nature of the debate on Capitol Hill, how delusional it is. Whether you are for this war or against it, whether you've supported the way it's been executed or not, it does not matter. You broke it, you've got to fix it now. You can't leave, or it's going to come and blow back on America.
And The New Republic says Congress is Iraq illiterate (subs. required/Curtsy: Instapundit).