What He Said

An anonymous emailer wrote me this about Bush's presser today (transcript here).
I was greatly impressed that all those media types – having carefully prepared beforehand their gotcha questions, filled with cynicism if not worse – kept firing at him, and he lobbed back every question. He does it with sincerity, civility, and especially with a breadth of knowledge that is remarkable in light of the claim that he is stupid. In fact he knows the situation in Iraq better than all those media people put together. And is he patient!

The immigration stuff is something I think he doesn’t balance properly, but his heart is so big on this that you can understand. Read the last couple of graphs. His love of America and those who are attracted here one way or another shines thru. I think his strong point is that even for illegals, they are attracted to American freedom, not just that they are looking to suck off the welfare slops, which I think is the parody of too many know-nothings. And they give America good sons and daughters (I would add that only those who go to US colleges are endangered by being drawn into “multicultural” hatred of the US studies.)
Well, I dunno, I think you can find that stuff already at the elementary level, and that's a piece of the puzzle with our Muslim youth, I have to believe (choose any two, remember). But I digress. Bush certainly outdid the press today. Also the Anchoress, who has a nice new look, has a very enjoyable pro-Bush rant up. Except...why anyone takes anything said on The View seriously is beyond my ken.