Wincing At Wolfie

The latest from WaPo: Europeans Wince, Wait for Wolfowitz Saga To End. Takes the line that the Euroelites are desperate for Wolfie to go, but won't be authorized by their countries to vote him out because if the US doesn't get to have its guy at the helm, Europe loses its ability to name the AID chief. Heh. This is the richest line:
The World Bank president must exude authority and absolute integrity. And regardless of how guilty he is, his image is damaged.
Does anyone at the Bank understand how hated it is? It offers loans to 3rd world countries for good things like infrastructure and economic development, but in order to qualify, said countries must agree to accept other monies for Western imperialist population control programs. (Why do they hate us? we cry. Ahem. ) To say nothing of widespread corruption. Bah. Wolfie should just take all his anti-corruption files, post them on the internet and be done.

Update: Welcome aboard, NLT readers. To save you scrolling, here are links to all the Wolfowitz posts from the past couple of weeks. It's quite the saga --in chronological order, beginning with the most recent. Be sure to read the WSJ links embedded in these posts. The WSJ's been carrying the water on defending Wolfowitz. If you wish to limit yourself to three pieces, read the WSJ links in the first, penultimate and last posts listed here. My favorite post is "Wolfie guilty of following bank instructions," if you just enjoy my snarking. Close the Bank! Or if not, save Wolfie!

Update: Here's the latest, as of Friday morning.