Wolfowitz On Offense

WaPo gets the story straight today. And Wolfie finds an unexpected ally in Andrew Young.
I saw Wolfowitz as the neocon policy wonk who led us into a war in Iraq but who had never even been in a street fight himself. My personal fantasy was to catch him alone and give him a good thrashing.
It seems our European friends are now indulging my fantasy.
His commitment and aggressiveness in promoting African development, as well as his abhorrence of needless bureaucratic "CYA" behavior, have been welcomed by those who love Africa and the developing world as well as by those willing to admit the complicity of the haves in the crisis of the have-nots.
It is my sincere hope that our European friends and allies can make the distinction between the U.S. Defense Department and the World Bank.

The tone of the WaPo story is that the board is backing off (an immediate decision has been put off), so I guess Wolfowitz will prevail. But where are Wolfie's other defenders?