Gossip Tidbits

  • Fr. Z's got a bead on the motu proprio.
  • Don't you find something refreshing about Rep. William Jefferson's troubles? Not misremembering a conversation about a non-covert agent who's cover was already blown; not falling afoul of serpentine campaign finance laws; not obeying the wishes of your ethics committee; not lewd emails to minors; and certainly not possible adultery, depending on the meaning of is. Just good old-fashioned greed and bribery, and a freezer-full of money. Aaaah.
  • Curtsy: Drudge, Canada's PM turns down chance to meet Bono:
    I've got to say that meeting celebrities isn't kind of my shtick, that was the shtick of the previous guy," said Harper in a dig at his Liberal predecessor Paul Martin, who met Bono regularly.
    "I hope we do it at some point but my principle focus in public policies is not kind of to meet celebrities,"
    (RC2 swoons)
  • Paris Hilton released from jail (just like your child or mine), will serve the rest of her sentence confined to her mansion. Do you think the reporter's a bit disgusted? Last line:
    It could not be immediately determined if personalizing the bracelet with Swarovski crystals would interfere with its transmission capabilities.