Hentoff Throws In Towel On UN

You know it's bad when liberal agnostic human rights activists give up on the UN. The intrepid Nat Hentoff has had enough. The last two straws were Mugabe getting the chair on Sustainable Development:
on May 11, the United Nations, with so little credibility of its own, actually squandered more of it when Zimbabwe, ravaged by its dictator, was voted the chair of the UN Commission on Sustainable Development -- specializing in economic land and rural development -- as well as the environment.
And --this I hadn't heard-- guess who are the new chair and vice chair, respectively, of the UN Disarmament Commission? No really, guess. Think of the two most innocent little lamb regimes on the planet and you'll come up with them. Of course: Syria & Iran! Hentoff says reforms and protests are just not worth it:
It makes much more sense for us to walk away from the United Nations itself, period. There are other organizations that with more help from us and other concerned nations can feed the hungry and provide medical aid for those in need around the world. But Eleanor Roosevelt's dream of the United Nations serving as an international beacon of human rights has become a nightmare of millions of people's betrayed hopes.
Hentoff is not exactly a troglodyte isolationist Republican, you know. I'm surprised his conclusion isn't bigger news.