Lost His Country, Won The World

Bush to G-8: Tell ya what, fellers? How 'bout we do it my way, but y'all pretend to squat on my neck and bring me around and whatnot to save face?
G-8: Deal!
Not only is he our most eloquent recent president, the WSJ notices he's the big winner of the G-8 Summit.
There's been a capitulation on global warming, but it hasn't happened in the Oval Office. The Kyoto cheerleaders at the United Nations and the European Union are realizing their government-run experiment in climate control is a mess, one that's incidentally failed to reduce carbon emissions. They've also understood that if they want the biggest players on board--the U.S., China, India--they need an approach that balances economic growth with feel-good environmentalism. Yesterday's G-8 agreement acknowledged those realities and tolled Kyoto's death knell. Mr. Bush, 1; sanctimonious greens, 0.
Actually, it's Mr. Bush 2 --this is the 2nd year in a row G-8 followed his lead, and the headlines said the opposite.

Perhaps this would be a good place to notice that Sarkozy allies are expected to sweep (did, 1st round) the French parliamentary elections; the French communist party faces bankruptcy; Mon dieu! even Belgium threw out its socialist government last night.