"Everything In Moderation"


From the latest bin Laden audiotape:
He used the word "ta'assub" – "fanaticism" – to chastise insurgents for putting their allegiance to tribe or radical organization above the larger fight to overcome American forces ...
Walid Phares has an interesting post.
Usama’s message was more so the expression of a frustrated (self appointed) “Caliph” trying to reign in on his emirs gone wild in the deserts of Middle Earth. The “Lord” is upset with how al Qaeda Iraq has administered the struggle, the people and the image. Incredibly, the number one of al Qaeda said the المجاهدين “Mujahidins” in Iraq committed أخطاء “mistakes.” I purposely quoted the words in Arabic because this was indeed the first time the man used them in this context: self criticism. In fact he criticized the “emirs” for the recklessness of their Jihad in the land of the two rivers.
I think maybe Osama's literally getting all his news from CNN. Remember how the last tape was about globalization, global warming and Noam Chomsky? Now the press has been talking about the tide turning in Iraq, the tribes uniting to drive jihadists out because of their cruelty, and suddenly he's apologizing? Now if we could just get CNN to broadcast stories about Americans being deeply afraid of red-haired men. Then Osama will insist the jihadis dye their hair and we'll be able to pick them out of the crowds and bring the troops home.