Join The Great Throng

Like everyone else, I'm very much enjoying Clarence Thomas' memoir. Thomas Sowell dedicated two columns to it. Here's part one. Dig the last two 'grafs of part two.

Dunno if you saw the 60 Minutes piece that kicked off his book tour a couple of weeks ago. Surprisingly positive. It was the end note Mr. W. & I loved. He's asked an open-ended question about whether he'd ever change his mind about anything. The hypothetical nature of the question invited a hypothetical answer --well, I'm always open to a new idea; new facts present themselves; I'm open to arguments, blah, blah. Anyone would have given that answer (self included). Thomas said he'd strayed a long way and finally come home to some basic principles. "And that's where I'll stay." Who else talks like that?

On another note: Bella opens October 26th. There's a movement afoot to give it a nice showing on its opening day. A nice review here. Find a theater here.