Life Or Health Care

John Miller points to the Archdiocese of Detroit pushing hard for SCHIP. Why single them out? The entire Bishops Conference has been pushing it, along with Catholic Charities & Catholic Healthcare USA, as this list indicates. They're calling it a "life" issue.

Someone should instruct our nation's mid-level chancery employees that their fondness for conflating Democratic policy initiatives with the Catechism of the Catholic Church is in this instance putting them on a collision course with our Faith's insistence on respect for the dignity of life. Government health care means rationed health care. As the Boomers age, they increasingly stress our social programs, and there aren't sufficient young people to pay in to these systems. Hospitals have to pay living wages to their employees, and they have to pay for medicines and equipment. Rationed care means hospitals will have no choice but to judge who they'll treat on a strict cost/benefit analysis. You can pretty much forget about treatment for the sick unborn or nutrition & hydration for the terminally ill or those in a persistent vegetative state at that point.

Respect for life, living wages, universal health care: choose any two. But insisting upon the last is highly likely to hasten our culture's abandonment of the first.