They Might Shut Him Up

He may rig the election, but a new poll suggests if the Venezuelan referendum is fair, Chavez will lose. Maybe bread lines-for-life is losing its appeal?
The lines formed at dawn and remained long throughout the day -- hundreds upon hundreds of Venezuelans queuing up to buy scarce milk, chicken and sugar at state-run outdoor markets staffed by soldiers in fatigues.

President Hugo Chávez's government is trying to cope with scattered shortages of some foods, and long lines at state-run megamercal street markets over the weekend show many Venezuelans are willing to wait for hours to snap up a handful of products they seldom find in supermarkets.

I learned secondhand from an informed source last night that the Cuban & Iranian advisors Chavez has brought in are peremptory and rude, and the Venezuelan army has had about enough of them. Supposedly Chavez stands in real danger of a coup if he wins his referendum next week.

Update: He must be worried. Today he announced:
He who says he supports Chavez but votes 'no' is a traitor, a true traitor," the president told an arena packed with red-clad supporters. "He's against me, against the revolution and against the people."
Since saying nations are either with us or against us in the war on terror is proof Bush = Hitler, I know the Left will all denounce Chavez now, and I'll be chronicling the denunciations as they roll in.