This Blog Is In Mourning

Henry Hyde, known to the old-timer pro-lifers as Generalissimo, author of the Hyde Amendment and co-author of the Mexico City Policy, has passed away.

  • I first met him when I was about 18, working as an intern for the Voice of America, and I had to interview him about repealing the Clark Amendment. He was notable to me then for not copping the attitude that nearly every other Congressman I interviewed did when he saw my youth.
  • Many is the time years later when, as a pro-life lobbyist, I sat through a bill mark-up for some horrid pro-abortion policy when every public word uttered by members of the committee was cant of the most Orwellian kind (the whole process being pro-forma) until Henry Hyde spoke up, a lone voice of decency on the House Judiciary Committee (since many of his colleagues didn't bother to show up). We were in such a mark-up in 1992 the day after his wife, Jeanne, passed away, and I think those of us present won't soon forget the impassioned defense of life he made that day while weeping unashamedly for his wife. The Committee chairman got a chastened look on his face as if just for an instant he thought to change his vote.
  • I think it was in 1991 that for about two seconds I was vice-chairman of the We'd Like Hyde Committee, attempting to draft him to run for President. Couldn't convince him, though, which kind of slowed our momentum.
Here's Hyde at Notre Dame, giving the Anti-Cuomo speech, and the NRO eulogy. And VP Cheney's tribute to him last year. Will collect others here, too, so check back.