Checking In

We're taking advantage of a couple of slow news days to begin the baking frenzy here at Chez Weed, but Prof. K. is still keeping up with the candidates and anything worthwhile being said about them. This being the latest, but scroll down. And ninme has your interesting non-campaign news: a particularly good camouflage job, e.g. and a collection of Instapundit's "They told me if Bush was elected...."

Update: You know how military innovations often find civilian uses? See Brett McS' comment on the camo post.

There's loads of popery as you might imagine, but the cinnamon clouds will have to clear before I'll have the energy to gather it. (Here's a pictorial summary, though). I can report I've now read Spe Salvi four times, and it is officially my favorite papal encyclical, replacing Mulieris Dignitatem, which held the title since 1988. A frontal assault on wimpy Christianity.