About That Other America

I'm thinkin'....a people eating so well it feels it has to class up its peanut butter ain't hurtin', sub-prime mortgage crisis or no.

Today, your crunchy peanut butter can come light- or dark-roasted. Creamy can be infused with chocolate (dark or white) or cinnamon and raisins (or just cinnamon) or molasses or coffee. There are savory options, such as hickory smoked or Thai ginger and red pepper — or peanut butter blended with parsley and onions or with hot peppers or with sun-dried tomatoes.

Apparently, too, there's a new chain of specialty PB cafes, where you can pay $5 for a peanut butter sandwich. Or you could toss back some Folgers with your plain PBJ for awhile and pay your mortgage. It's an option.