Bush Dancing

My Net Nanny won't let me see this video at ninme's, but I'm going to take a wild guess it's the one I intended to post last night and forgot about. The Anchoress , where I initially saw it, provides commentary:
President Bush - a self-proclaimed “non-dancer” who has nevertheless been seen dancing at least one other time in his presidency, with free Georgians - got up and awkwardly rocked about in Liberia, where national pop stars have been serenading him with thank you’s rarely covered by the press.
In places where freedom is taken for granted, our president and our troops are not received with joy. But in places where liberty is still longed for and prized, the story is quite different.
She provides links to other folks who have noticed Bush's work in Africa, and also this anecdote:
Tens of thousands of Liberians poured into the streets as the American convoy ranged through town. Barechested boys, toothless old men and women with babies strapped to their backs ran alongside, laughing and chanting, ”We want peace.” …
They all sang paeans to the American president, George W. Bush, but in the high-speed Liberian pidgin spoken here it sounded something like ”Jaw Boo,” as in: ”Oh, George Bush, we like you. Oh, George Bush.”
Spare me your jokes about JawBoo the Hutt. We love Jaw Boo in these parts.