Is That How You Spell "Elephanty"?

"Coming Around" from The Ryskind Sketchbook

I'm laughing, but as I told Mr. Sketchbook, I don't think it's fair to call McCain a RINO. Not a Republican? He's the quintessential Republican. What he isn't is an across-the-board Conservative, although I acknowledge a CINO would be more difficult to illustrate.

I sort of didn't vote for him. The MD Republican primary rules have you cast your vote for the nominee, then for a slate of delegates to the convention, then for a slate of alternate delegates. Any delegate is required to vote at the convention for the nominee who wins the primary. So, the results of the race here being a foregone conclusion, I decided to cast a "message" vote (the message being: hey! there's at least one Conservative in the state of MD) for someone who's no longer in the race. But I expect my delegates to be committed to McCain anyway.

Two robocalls from Huckabee over the weekend, and one from McCain this morning. McCain's call was interesting. He led with terrorism, then tax cuts, then a promise to build the border fence. He must be committed to those things, because I don't expect any of them appeal to the typical voter --D or R-- in my district. Elephant-y indeed.