Hugh Hewitt explains that he isn't impatient with his fellow radio talkers, but then posts a guest-editorial from a Vietnam flyer who explains his journey from the Straight Talk Express in 2000 to Romney in 2008...and now, back to McCain:

Nothing has changed to make John McCain’s recent Senate record any more palatable. But the race has changed. John McCain is now the certain nominee, and will be facing either Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama. Neither of those two folks will fight the war. John McCain will. Our future as a nation depends on fighting and winning that war. To sit idly by and watch a Democrat win, without having voted, is foolish. To use a hard earned and well deserved bully pulpit to encourage others to do the same is deeply, deeply misguided. If any patriot had used his pulpit during the long war for Independence to urge a turn to the Tories, would he be called a patriot today?

Climb on board, talkers. We need your audience in full-throated roar to turn away the excitement on the other side.
Or as ninme's friend CDR Salamander put it more succinctly last week:

I concur with his actual meaning. But after McCain-Feingold, it cuts two ways.