New Collective Noun

A "protest" of hippies (possible bad word in use*). Also, a definitive ruling on whether it is proper to punch hippies on Sunday.** Also: about Barack in local dress, a president who won't let furreners make a monkey of him:
If you try and talk to me into wearing some crazy "local attire," I will declare war on your country. If you try and make me wear some stupid outfit, I will declare extra war.
* There's a sentence with a missing word where an insult should be. Could be an error; could be my Net Nanny is blocking the word, in which case it might be a very bad word. My eyes are innocent; enter at your own risk.

** This blog does not advocate punching anyone except in self-defense or as part of a mutually agreed-upon demonstration of pugilistic athleticism, but neither is this blog in the mood to do its actual work today.