The Party Of The People


Thanks to ninme for putting me on to Meghan McCain's blog, where I found this picture. What do the once and future Leaders of the Free World drink? Humble hotel coffee with non-dairy creamer, just like folk. (They didn't order in the Starbucks?) It is harder for me to picture any of the Dem candidates doing the same. But then, these two have experience eating C-rations and whatever they serve in POW camp, so they probably have cast iron stomachs.

And then there's Huckabee:
Take his recent stop at an airport hotel in Houston. He called his wife, Janet, after checking in: 'If I don't call you at 7 in the morning, call Houston police and have them come look for me. We just checked into this hotel and I swear that I'm the only guy in this hotel that has sleeves and is not covered by tattoos. And I'm pretty sure that I might be in a chalk outline by morning.'
And the muscle-shirted tattoo community swings for McCain.