Back To CCD For You

This is how the Eldest Weeds are spending their Saturday mornings these days. You should have seen the hordes of kids lining up, eager to be interviewed after rehearsal yesterday. The poor mobbed reporter had to let them down very gently. Everyone wants to be on TV. I was pleased that my own kids were wholesomely disinterested, although apparently our daughter did grant an interview to some newspaper on the way in to rehearsal.

I don't want to pick on the kids interviewed here --they're just kids, and of an age where self-absorption is psychologically normal; and I know from experience that the first words out of your mouth when a reporter puts a mic in front of you do not always do you credit: but I longed for some of the kids to say they loved the Pope and were eager to serve Christ and the Church, rather than imagining how good they'll feel after they're applauded and the Pope praises them. It's not about them, parents and teachers might do well to remind them.