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"Olympic Infidelity" from The Ryskind Sketchbook

Various reactions from my email the past few days:
  • Spitzer should co-author a book with ex-Gov. McGreevey. (Forgive me for my highly un-lady-like proposed title: Coming & Going. The snark on this subject ends here.)

  • Mr. W. :

    NYT editorial on Spitzer amounts to: get this liberal out of the way so liberalism can proceed under new leadership. When will they say, for example, get Larry Craig to resign so conservatism can be reaffirmed by his successor? Somehow when liberals act like pigs, it's just personal failings. When conservatives do, it reflects the meanness and selfishness of conservatism.

  • Self-loathing womanhood. A friend in NY writes:
    Cindy Adams… the archetypical gossip columnist today argues that Silda (her dear personal friend) should not have to lose her marriage over this… that all men stray and that women can bear these indiscretions and keep on as wives because having a happy marriage is consistent with men asking prostitutes to do things their wives won’t do (“less work for the missus”). Oy vey! What a concept of love and marriage… where does this female self-loathing come from?
    I have to echo that thought myself. Yesterday I was in the grocery store and two clerks --young, one male, one female--were discussing the Gov. of NY's woes. The female was proclaiming quite loudly,
    Shoot, I don't care who he was with!
    Perhaps I'm wrong, but I had a strong intuition that this was said less from conviction than as a means of ingratiating herself to the young man with whom she was flirting (take me, please, I won't hold you to any standards!). It gave me a sick feeling similar to the one I feel when I think about the message Mr. Spitzer has sent to his three lovely daughters.
  • ninme notices that journalists have one-track minds: Loads of headlines about NY's first black governor, but also the nation's first legally blind governor.
    He’s blind? And no one in this country thinks that’s more interesting than being black?