On The Pernicious Effects Of Reading Jane Austen

Been on a bit of a Jane Austen bender of late. I had to read Mansfield Park for my book club, and then public television has been running the complete works of a Sunday, which my daughter and I have been indulging ourselves in as a weekly "girl's night" (little does she realize I am programming her to recognize an unworthy cad at 20 paces). Seeing the movies has led to re-reading the books: P&P, S&S, etc. I believe I have indulged this habit too far, however, as this morning I took the same daughter to have the cast cut off her broken wrist. The orthopaedist is young (a fetus!), affable, very handsome, with that mild cockiness of young men that's more charming than off-putting... and the thought crossed my mind, "Who could I set him up with?" I swear I have never been that sort of schemer before in my life.

RC2 puts Emma down and steps slowly away.