Osama Versus The Pope

While I was doing the Potpourri, OBL was threatening the Pope. Not directly as far as I can tell, but what else are we supposed to make of this?
In the message, Bin Laden described the cartoons as taking place in the framework of a "new Crusade" against Islam, in which the Pope has played a "large and lengthy role."
Followed by the promise
"The response will be what you see and not what you hear and let our mothers bereave us if we do not make victorious our messenger of God,"
On the one hand, a protest over cartoons done two years ago seems a bit...weak horsish, shall we say. Ditto targeting an unarmed priest rather than bringing down the Crusader Army. On the other hand, remember the Millennium plot against JP II? It's always been a jihadist fantasy to strike at the Pope. Pray for his safety in his upcoming travels.