McCain Comes Under Fire For "Bitter" Comments:
“You go into these big cities in California, and, like a lot of big cities along both coasts of this great nation, you’ve got a multitude of Starbucks baristas with Ph.D’s in philosophy who can’t understand why the world doesn’t conform to their utopian vision,” said McCain. “So it’s not surprising that at a time when their country is the world’s sole superpower, using its military to fight a just war against Islamic terrorism, and its citizenry is renewing their faith in Christianity, they get bitter and cling to hopeless causes like partial-birth abortion, multi-culturalism, and the rehabilitation of serial killers.”
Curtsy: Rachel Lucas

Also these amuse me:
How old is John McCain?
  • John McCain is older than betraying national security secrets on the front page of the New York Times.
  • John McCain is older than facial moisturizers for men.
Many more; create your own.