Last Minute Preparations


Spent the afternoon at brand-spankin' new Nationals Stadium accompanying my kids at the Papal Mass Choir's rehearsal. Cheap thrill of the afternoon was being asked out of the blue to help turn pages for the director (it was windy, so what I was really doing was holding the pages down). The advantage of this was being present for Placido Domingo's run-through of Panis Angelicus. So my day was complete: spent it with the three men I love most in the world outside my family: The Pope, The President & Placido Domingo.

When not saving musical artists from the elements, I wandered the stadium watching the preparations. A temporary floor had to be put in, for example, and here are some guys doing that.

You may have read about the goodie bags everyone is to receive (water bottle, granola bar, program, that kind of thing). And here's how they get to the seats.

There were dolleys like this for flowers for the altar and sound equipment and so forth. A masterpiece of organization this project, really. The communion lines are already organized (up to receive, down to return):

And of course there will be tchotchkes.

4:30 am wake-up call, I'm afraid --the choir's to be in place by 6:30. Tell you how it went tomorrow. Plus Ryskind's got a doozy in the works.

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