A Little Chill From Bill & Hill

We had dinner at Gramma's, where there is FOX News. My usual policy is to leave at 7:59 so Gramma can wallow in her (diminishing, as it turns out) crush on Bill O'Reilly unencumbered, but the first installment of Hillary's FOX debut was on, so I lingered. Instareaders may not be impressed, but I was. She seemed totally at ease and she knows how to argue. Well. She appeared knowledgeable, competent and tough in a good way. Not shrill, not brittle, not whiny, not arch. I liked her. (Obviously I'm addressing the impression she left, not the actual content or feasibility of her proposals.) I'm no longer convinced McCain could take her were she to end up the nominee. Not if that Hillary shows up, and not if McCain doesn't do some homework.