The Real Lesson In The Jeremiah Wright Episode

ninme's said it pithily many times before, but here it is in respectable print (subs.req'd):
Every now and then THE SCRAPBOOK is seized with the thought that the last, best hope of mankind--or at any rate, for our peace of mind--will be the death of the last surviving member of the Baby Boom generation.
The piece has nothing to do with the Rev. Wright as such, but it diagnoses his problem perfectly: the stupefying self-absorption that is Boomerism. (A search for ninme's slogan, "Die, Boomers, Die" yielded this comforting bit from the Onion. Written in 1999, it doesn't precisely seem like parody, does it?)

Update: Sarko sings along.
For President Nicolas Sarkozy, the answer is clear: les soixante-huitards are to blame for French society’s current ills. Last year, during his election campaign, he suggested the ‘68 legacy should be “liquidated” once and for all.

Hmm. I wonder what Joseph Ratzinger thinks about the Boomers?