Where Have All The Pacifists Gone?

Those of you old enough to recall the Reagan years may remember as well the massive peace protests that took place across Europe to protest installation of the Pershing II missiles. Do the words "nuclear freeze" ring a bell? Here's a perfectly good piece on Gen. Petraeus before the Congress & Democrats actually planning to surrender in Iraq, but what caught my eye was the first line:
This time there were no peace marches.
But have there been any peace marches against the Iraq war? One of the striking features of public discourse related to the war is the complete absence of public pacifists. (I know, I know: Cindy Sheehan, Code Pink. But it's not a march if it's only 15 people.) No one's against war anymore, they're only against this particular war. Call it political posturing if you like; I think it's further proof that all those "pacifists" of the '80s were what the Cold Warriors always knew they were, not that the media payed any attention: Communist front groups such as the World Peace Congress. No Soviet Union, no pacifism. Well... there's A.N.S.W.E.R., a "pacifist" Communist front group that's lasted into our time, and they did manage a protest in 2003, Google reminds me. But it's not the same without Kremlin walk-around money, is it?