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The Over-Parenting Crisis. Among orthodox Catholics, this phenomenon takes on an added dimension, because some (not all) prominent advocates of "attachment parenting" suggest that if your child is ever disappointed or frustrated in the early years, he'll never have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ as an adult. Which is not John Paul II's "personalism" at all, but behaviorism (stimulus-response). This advice may be well-intentioned, but it's not helpful to new mothers trying to do right by their kids without necessarily having had the example of an intact family to draw upon. At any rate, freedom, creativity, boldness, independence, ingenuity, problem-solving and conflict-resolution are the end-products of having faced boredom, frustration & other obstacles and overcome them.
facilitating children's ability to function independently, to figure things out, and to grow into themselves without excessive interference is in itself an essential task of parenting.