The Coveted Swiss Chard Party

Last week Wesley J. Smith noted a move in Switzerland to grant plants rights. Not really a new idea, actually. I have a childhood memory of my mom & some friends laughing as they baked bread over a vegetarian cookbook that agonized over killing yeast. This guy has the right attitude.
eggplant and pumpkins are always going to vote liberal and pretty much all the fruits are socialists. And don't even get me started on those damn commie sprouts from Brussels.
(And look! he too cherishes global warming for its year-round tomato possibilities.) Anyway, this is a silly post for a rainy Friday afternoon, and I bring this up only because it reminds me of two stories, not related except by free association.

  • Ran into some old friends at the papal mass in Nationals Stadium. At lunch afterwards, he revealed that he's become a "second generation vegetarian." He won't eat anything that eats meat.

  • For some reason that brings to mind a fellow student in college who was a strict Calvinist and held (how seriously I was never certain, but he delighted in asserting it and watching the reactions) that women had no souls. Another friend refuted him thus.
    If women have no souls, they can't be damned: and women are eminently damnable.