Bravery In The 'Burbs


Taking advantage of the weekend's gorgeous weather, the kids & I took a walking tour of our neighborhood. Above is some of the scenery. We counted:
  • 10 Hillary posters
  • 8 Obama posters
  • 3 signs indicating support of same-sex marriage
  • multiple variations on "war is not the answer" & "troops home now"
  • 1 "defeat McBush" bumper sticker
  • 3 "terra passes" (indicating their SUVs were carbon-neutral due to carbon credits)
  • 1 "Proud America shamed by Bush" sticker
  • 7 "Impeach Them Both" signs
  • 1 "You can't have my rights, I'm using them" sticker
  • 1 "Bush Scares Me" sign (bold of you to risk him seeing that, then!)
  • 7 peace and/or Mercedes Benz insignia intended to be peace signs.
Considering I work from home, should I sue about hostile work environment?

Then there's the lone one of these.

That belongs to my courageous neighbor across the street. So far she's only had to replace it once. Last cycle, we were first in the neighborhood to put a Bush sign up, but thereafter other people took heart and followed suit. So far my neighbor hasn't inspired any other takers --not even us.