My Hunch Semi-Confirmed

The Weekly Standard blog asks: Are we already in Pakistan? This based on an analysis of what it would take to accomplish the strikes into Pakistan's target-rich tribal-controlled areas. I consider my hunch with which I teased you more than a year ago all but confirmed. I think we have a special get-bin-Laden task force on the ground in Pakistan. Just for record-keeping purposes, here are previous rounds of evidence-gathering.

  • January, 2008, posts 1 & 2 & 3. Pakistan bases denied, but McCain winks.
  • July 2007. U.S. threatens to go in after bin Laden, Musharraf pretends to disapprove.
  • May, 2007. The hunch announced on the basis of a story about catching a major al-Q operative who had been working in Pakistan.
  • March 2007, 1 & 2. Unconfirmed reports of CIA team on the ground in Pakistan; and stories about success against al-Q in tribal areas.
  • October, 2006. Raid on a Pakistani madrassa.
  • September, 2006 --with links to the Bush/Karzai press conference that planted this idea in my mind.
Update: Petraeus' next job.