Accelerating Success

NY Post: Eat Crow, Iraq War Skeptics. Lede:
AMERICA has won, or is about to win, the Iraq war.

WSJ: How Prime Minister Maliki Pacified Iraq. Lede:

America is very close to succeeding in Iraq.

WaPo: The Iraqi Upturn. Subhead:

Don't look now, but the U.S.-backed government and army may be winning the war.
Formerly Gray Lady: Experts See Gains Against Asian Terror Networks. Lede:
The deadliest terrorist networks in Southeast Asia have suffered significant setbacks in the past three years, weakened by aggressive policing, improved intelligence, enhanced military operations and an erosion of public support.

WSJ: We're not losing Afghanistan.

ABC News asks: How will good news in Iraq affect Obama vs. McCain? How good is the good news?
Last week, 100 delegations at a Stockholm conference scheduled to discuss the country's progess according to a five-year peace and economic development plan titled the International Compact with Iraq expressed their confidence in the country's recent changes.
In other words, it's not just the Bush Administration telling us these things.