Baby Machines

Here's the video testimony of a Stanford student who nearly died while donating her eggs as part of a fertility treatment. She had a bad reaction to the drug Lupron, used to prepare her for donation. Two things caught my eye. One, this is an "off use" of Lupron, meaning this girl was in essence experimented upon --no one knows whether it is safe to use Lupron for this purpose. And two, this remark in her video:
Now I have had very up close personal experience watching myself as the supply end of this whole equation and to be treated as if I don't matter unless I perform and supply, which I didn't.
Now she has brain damage, weakening on her left side, $100,000 in medical bills and infertility. And there are many more like her, because clinics go to college campuses to find egg donors, promising $10 -15,000 a pop, with risks downplayed if mentioned at all. But who cares? It's only women. Curtsy: Secondhand Smoke