Be Like Paul

St. Paul's jubilee year (he was born 2000 years ago) begins today. B16 kicked it off with a vespers ceremony at St. Paul's Outside The Walls (many ecumenical reps present as well). Pictures forthcoming, but in the meanwhile, review all the ways you can receive a plenary indulgence --for yourself or your beloved departed-- in the coming year.

General pre-conditions:
  • As many as you want, but only one per day (no claiming multiple pilgrimages because you stepped out and back in to the Cathedral; absence of sincerity nullifies grace, you know!)
  • (Here's the rub, right?) You must be truly repentant, duly absolved through Confession and healed by Holy Communion (usual time constraints).
  • Pray for the intentions of the Holy Father
Specific Pauline Indulgences:
  1. Visit St. Paul's Outside The Walls with the intention of drawing closer to St. Paul. Joined to whatever personal devotions and intentions you choose, you must pray in front of the altar of the Confessio the Our Father & The Creed, and invoke the help of Mary, St. Paul & St. Peter.
  2. With complete detachment from sin, devoutly take part in a liturgical or public pious function in honor of St. Paul during the year; any such function in any sacred place on the opening (today!) and closing days of the Pauline year; on other days specified by the local bishop; in holy places dedicated to St. Paul (and additional places indicated by the bishop for that specific purpose --so if there's no St. Paul's in your diocese, the bishop can designate an official pilgrimage site).
  3. If you're too ill to travel (or for some other reason like caring for someone who is), spiritually join in any Jubilee celebration, with the intention of fulfilling the sacramental commitments as soon as possible.
And P.S., priests are asked to make themselves more available for Confession so that the faithful can more easily fulfill these conditions.

At Vespers this evening, the Pope said:
'Teacher of the gentiles' - this title is open to the future, to all peoples and all generations. Paul is not for us [only] a figure of the past, whom we recall with veneration. He is also a teacher, apostle and proclaimer of Jesus Christ for us as well. We have therefore gathered not to reflect on a history left behind forever. Paul wants to speak with us - today.
Detach from sin, reform your life, become devout, burn with zeal and make St. Paul your friend and mentor. That's the Catholic project for this year.